“Dabolim station needs better facilities” | Goa News

Vasco: Chairman of the logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Goa, Chandrakant Gawas proposed to the railway authorities to upgrade the stations of Vasco and Dabolim to the same level as that of Hubbali.
Gawas, who attended the 35th meeting of the Divisional Railway Users Advisory Committee (DRUCC) in Hubbali, said that when he visited Dabolim station, he found it in a terrible state.
“It needs to be modernized immediately. Hubbali station has several facilities for passengers including accommodation. Vasco being one of the main railway stations, its services and facilities need to be upgraded,” he said. Gawas also made a suggestion regarding the schedule of local passenger trains saying that they should be favorable to those coming to Margao, Vasco and other places of work.
He said that Goa uses waterways, railways and airways to transport goods and in view of this, the meeting also discussed how to increase the benefits for businesses. On the Centre’s “One Station One Product” program, Gawas said it was good in terms of job creation and needed to be promoted.
Divisional Director of Railways, Hubballi, Arvind Malkhede, who chaired the meeting, said special emphasis was placed on infrastructure development and improvement of passenger facilities and highlighted the various works completed recently . He said the discussion held at the meeting will help the railway in its efforts to provide better facilities and improved services.


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