Fix it – the former Dublin 6 shelter with the potential to be an ideal ‘forever’ home


What is that?

its mid-19th century terrace at 2 Kensington Villas in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 might look like a pre-63 apartment, but is rather a holdover from Dublin’s centuries-old tradition of keeping tenants – an income option favored by locals respectable widows at the time before state aid. This is a sale by executor and the late owner lived there and rented three rooms.

Tell me more about the place …

Four bedrooms, three receptions, a kitchen and bathrooms totaling nearly 1,750 square feet. Arranged as best as possible, we would have the ideal “forever” home for the wealthy young professional ensemble from the south whose hunting axis is the first D6 as opposed to their predecessors’ Target area D4.

The good news?

Gorgeous curb and a 73 foot long rear garden with room for the ubiquitous modern kitchen / dining room extension. The roof might need some work, but at first glance there aren’t any obvious big structural issues in this house. All interested parties are advised to conduct a full investigation and then have a builder inspect it so that they are clearly aware of what is going on at No2.


Three of the bedrooms have ‘bathroom stalls’ and mini-stove / sink / closet combos

Three of the bedrooms have ‘bathroom stalls’ and mini-stove / sink / closet combos

And the bad news?

Makeshift “bathroom cubicles,” cashmere rugs, and a mini-stove / sink / closet jenga are the least of its problems. The cost of construction and materials has increased since Covid 19 and No2 need rewiring, plumbing, insulation, new bathrooms, some restorations and the large extension. Maybe more. No off-street parking.

How much to buy it?

The asking price is € 895,000 but, as expected, there have been a lot of offers so far.

And to fix it?

You could be looking for € 400,000 for a high level job.

What am I going to end up with?

For a total expenditure of 1.3 million euros to 1.4 million euros, a Kensington Palace located in the center of the chic and trendy top of Dublin.

Who am I talking to ?

Deirdre Hegarty from Sherry FitzGerald (01) 4969909 will file your interest.

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