Housing permit on Duke Street East in Kitchener is under surveillance after neighbors complain


KITCHENER – A licensed shelter on Duke Street East is under review and will go to a Kitchener licensing court hearing next month.

The property at 249 Duke Street East near Cameron Street has sparked complaints from residents and, at the hearing, a decision is expected to be made as to whether the property’s accommodation permit will be revoked or maintained.

Kitchener Licensing Director Helen Fylactou said the complaints included alleged drug trafficking, aggressive dogs and off-leash dogs, noise and poor maintenance of the property.

The city has 18 licensed shelters and they must apply for an annual license. The 2021 license renewal fee is $ 892. As part of this process, the City should solicit comments from neighboring properties.

Fylactou said the city receives complaints from neighbors about the Duke Street property during the renewal process as well as at other times of the year.

“It’s all year round,” she said. “We have concerns about this.”

The Duke Street property is a multi-level home with eight bedrooms and shared spaces for tenants.

The property was licensed in 2019, but had not been licensed from 2016 to 2018, Fylactou said.

The property has a long history as a shelter under other owners, she said.

Fylactou said the city is still trying to work with the owner and get compliance before going to a formal court hearing.

City officials have imposed conditions on the permit in the past after receiving complaints for the past three years.

“We need to balance the safety of home and neighborhood residents,” Fylactou said.

An authorization hearing is scheduled for July 13 and 15. The city has at least eight witnesses and the owner, who is represented by paralegal Timothy Ellis, has at least two witnesses.

Three advisers – Sarah Marsh, Christine Michaud and John Gazzola – sit on the tribunal.

The license court can decide whether the applicant obtains a license, grant a license with conditions, suspend the license or refuse it.

A court decision must be ratified by the council.

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