Idowaz Technologies offers job opportunities, logistics services

By Henri Uche, Lagos

Idowaz Technologies Ltd has opened up a variety of opportunities for Nigerians to explore to make ends meet even as the economy bites harder. Opportunities come in the form of emails and other partnerships.

At a press conference in Lagos, the CEO/Founder of the company, Ernest Robinson, said the company aims to make people’s lives easier by creating an app that can serve different market segments with different services.

“Idowaz is a multi-service and multi-application platform marketplace, comprising 7 divisions namely: Idowazride mini mobility (E-Hailing), IdowazEat (Food ordering and delivery), Idowaz Courier (for deliveries, including groceries), Idowaz Homecare (for home care service, i.e. babysitting, laundry, event cooking, cleaning, electricians, beauty salons, mechanics, sewing, etc.), Idowaz Hotels (for online hotel reservations and booking short breaks, etc.), Idowaz Ridesharing, IdowaTaxi and Idowazpay (for online payment and money transfer 24 hours a day and worldwide. We have a separate app for home care and another separate app for hotels and travel. We have another division known as Idowaz Pay”

“We discovered that taxi drivers in the email system are not treated fairly, i.e. they pay the right commissions and the right conditions. Some go so far as to sleep in their cars to feed themselves and their families.With IDOWAZ, we offer our drivers two weeks paid vacation after one year of driving.We also take 10% as commission.We come into the market to meet the logistics needs of Nigeria and the Africa as a whole 2023 is our year of expansion.

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The boss of Idowaz claimed that his home care service is one of our core products where his partners can go to Google or Apple Playstore and register their services, noting that one can become a Taxi partner by downloading the Idowaz driver application. More so, one could become a user by downloading Idowaz User App from Google/Apple Playstore.

Robinson revealed that Idowaz started due to the gap in the market by making all of the above services affordable and providing the right commissions to drivers and service providers, pointing out that each of its drivers earns 90% on each trip with two weeks paid vacation. , the same for its service providers in its home care, food delivery and courier division.

“All of our drivers and contractors are insured, for example, if a food delivery person’s bike is stolen or punctured en route and the food is not delivered, we compensate the diner for the loss.

“Safety is our top priority for our drivers, passengers and drivers, we have SOS on our apps which monitor driver and driver safety. We train our drivers, home care service providers and passengers on what to do. to do when they feel in danger and we alert and alert the security authorities in Nigeria.

“For service providers, there are terms and conditions that cover what they are allowed to do onsite when providing their services to our customers. All service providers, drivers and passengers are properly vetted and background checked because once you register on our platform, you have to go through a training where your documents are cross-checked and verified before we activate your account.

“We want to cover every state in Nigeria over the next 12 months and continue our international expansion to be in 100-150 countries over the next five years and then go public, be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Idowaz is there to serve and make everyone’s life easier,” he said.

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