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Bhopal: Indian Institute of Technology, Indore and Directorate of Technical Education, Madhya Pradesh have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide access to laboratory facilities and other resources at IIT Indore to students from the schools public engineering colleges (Jabalpur, Rewa, Ujjain, Sagar and Nowgong) and government sponsored engineering colleges (SGSITS Indore, MITS Gwalior and SATI Vidisha).
Co-Director of Technical Education, Mohan Sen, said the aim of the initiative is to improve the knowledge base and impart necessary skills to graduate students from government and government-subsidized engineering colleges and to make them easily employable in accordance with industry requirements.
Akash Tripathi, Principal Secretary, Department of Technical Education, Skills Development and Employment and Commissioner for Technical Education and Prof. Anand Parey, Dean of Resources, IIT Indore signed the MoU. Dr. Mohan Sen, Co-Director of Technical Education and Pradeep Agrawal, Co-Registrar IIT Indore were also present.
“These facilities are very important to any education system and such facilities enable students of state government engineering colleges to enhance their skills and enable them to meet the challenges posed by global technology companies and industries,” said Dr Sen.
A group of 40 students (plus two faculty members) will be able to visit IIT Indore. The number of visits can be planned after mutual discussion, officials said. Each visit will last one day. This will include tours of laboratory facilities as chosen by the college. Students will be able to use the facilities of any lab at IIT Indore.
These facilities will be used with an appropriate online facility booking mechanism. Facilities will be used based on mutual discussion. Full student access will be available at the IIT Indore Learning Resource Center. Undergraduate/postgraduate students will also have the opportunity to join the internship and carry out project work/research training at IIT Indore.
The number of students, the duration and the subject of the internship will be decided by mutual agreement. Research and accommodation costs will be borne by IIT Indore, the officials added.
IIT Indore in consultation with the state run public engineering colleges can also organize training sessions, lectures on the subjects as per the requirements twice every semester. The faculty members of IIT Indore will also contribute to the development of the programs and the improvement of academic standards by becoming members of the study council and the academic council.
IIT Indore will help set up DIY labs in engineering colleges and polytechnics. The Technical Education Department will follow up and schedule the visit to these colleges in consultation with the administration of IIT Indore.

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