New Covid wave: center asks states to strengthen health facilities and check oxygen availability

A new wave of COVID is sweeping through the county, prompting the Center to alert states and Union territories to prepare for the challenge.

The Center has written to states and union territories asking them to strengthen health facilities and verify oxygen availability.

“Against the backdrop of the spread of the Variant of Concern Omicron, the world is currently reporting the largest ever increase in Covid-19 cases. In India, the trajectory of cases also shows an upward trend with 16,764 cases reported on December 31, the largest increase on record in the past 70 days. Many developed countries in Europe and the Americas are reporting a significant increase in the number of new cases in recent weeks, indicating high transmissibility of the virus, ”Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote to States.

Indian Omicron count crosses 1,400 mark, 5 states have more than 100 cases

The health infrastructure may soon start to be stressed as there is a sudden increase in cases, the Center said.

Faced with this, the Center asked the States to create makeshift hospitals. “States can also use hotel rooms for patients with mild to moderate symptoms, as has been done in previous outbreaks in some states,” the Center said.

To monitor patients in isolation at home, states should establish special teams, call centers and control rooms. A clear focus on rural areas and pediatric cases must also be maintained, the letter says.

“States should regularly review the availability of required logistics, the availability of oxygen and the medication buffer at all health facilities in the state,” the Center said.

On the very first day of 2022, India reported 22,775 new cases of Covid-19 and 406 deaths. The number of infections at Omicron stood at 1,431 as of Saturday morning.

Omicron, the most recent variant of SARS-CoV-2, is believed to spread very quickly although the severity is not of concern as most Omicron patients are asymptomatic and recover without hospitalization. But if patients are not properly isolated, the risk of transmission between other family members increases.

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