Next Animal Crossing game may improve Happy Home Paradise facilities

New Horizons’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise has introduced facilities, and as great as it is, it can get even better in the upcoming AC game.

One of the best parts of Animal crossing: new horizonsHappy home paradise The DLC is the inclusion of facilities, and they could be expanded further in the future. Animal crossing following. the Happy home paradise the extension allows THAT for players to push their creative skills further than the series has ever allowed, by tasking them with designing a plethora of vacation homes for the game’s many different animals. As fun as it can be to create vacation homes based on the game. On weird themes, the best part of the expansion allows players to build a variety of different facilities around the central resort area of ​​the DLC as well.


Among the facilities that players can design in Happy home paradise are a restaurant, cafe, school and even a hospital. The functionality is quite robust by Animal crossing design standards; in some cases this allows the player to design multi-room facilities and each of the buildings can be provided with any animals the player wishes. All of this is a welcome addition to the New Horizons experience, but it always feels like it could easily be improved.

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Nintendo has already said that New Horizons No longer will receive substantial content updates, so players will unfortunately have to wait for the next installment in the series to see any additions to the installation system. However, thanks to New Horizons‘massive success, a future payout is virtually guaranteed, which means now is the perfect time to speculate on how to Happy home paradiseThe facilities can be upgraded in the next game. Some adjustments and additions to the system presented in Happy Home ParadisWe could help redefine the series and make the next episode even better than New Horizons.

Animal Crossing facilities should be buildable on the main island

Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

The most obvious way to expand the facility system is to allow the player to build and place facilities around their own island. Spend hours designing a restaurant at Happy home paradise and then watching it come alive with the daily animal visitors is great fun, but it is also a bit of a pain having to fly to the resort area every time the player wants to see it. As big as the Happy home paradise the expansion is, THAT players will probably still spend the vast majority of their time in New Horizons on their islands, which limits the time they can spend in their facilities. Having the facilities locked in a different area makes sense in this context, given that the DLC is separate from the main game, but a future episode of the series that includes facilities in the base game would be the perfect opportunity to give players more flexibility with where they build their facilities.

Nintendo could go one step further by giving players full control over the exact location of buildings on their island, in the same way that players can move the locations of Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters. Being able to create a full-fledged shopping district, with multiple stores and restaurants would be a dream come true for many THAT players, and could give people more control over their islands than ever before. As cool (and adorable) as seeing animals on vacation working in restaurants in Happy home paradise, it would be even cooler if players could see their loved one Animal crossing villagers working in the facilities instead. All of this would add a level of customization to installations that Happy home paradise was missing and would help make player islands even more personal and suited to them.

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In the same vein of more customization options, it would also be great if the next one THAT installment added more types of facilities. Happy home paradise lays a solid foundation by allowing players to build a restaurant, cafe, school, hospital, and clothing store, but there are still plenty of opportunities for expansion here. To come back to the subject of a shopping district, maybe the next one THAT The game could allow players to design and build their own supermarket alongside the more furniture-centric Nook’s Cranny. Now seems like the perfect time for something like this, especially with the latest Animal crossing update adding so many new foods to the game. The game could go even further by allowing the player to customize each type of installation. Maybe his island could have not only an upscale five-star restaurant, but also a fast food establishment, with its own drive-thru design. Allowing players the freedom to choose their type of setup as well as the ability to place it anywhere on their island would provide an unparalleled level of freedom.

Animal Crossing facilities could incorporate more mini-games

Animal Crossing Group Stretch Guide: How to Enter and Rewards

Finally – and this one could be a bit long – Nintendo could also offer players more ways to interact with their facilities, possibly in the form of different mini-games. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant – maybe the player can earn some bells by taking on a delivery job for the restaurant in town. Players could be tasked with delivering food orders to different residents across the island, even gaining additional incentives based on how quickly they complete their deliveries. Maybe players could even participate in some real touch or rhythm based mini-games at their facilities. It’s not something the series is particularly well known for, but with the addition of the stretch activity in the last one. ACNH update, something like that doesn’t seem like too much of a step anymore.

As great as the functionality of installing in New HorizonsHappy home paradise The DLC is, it also feels like it’s just the first step towards something even bigger. New Horizons fans will probably be waiting a while for a new installment. But when it does finally arrive, hopefully, it will be complete with more fleshed out installation capabilities. There are plenty of ways for Nintendo to expand the functionality in an upcoming sequel, which should hopefully bring all that was great about Animal crossing: new horizons base game and DLC expansions, and more.

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