Now PMC to charge property tax as per facilities of housing corporations – Punekar News

Pune, 06 September 2022: Property tax will be levied according to the price of apartments and owners of luxury apartments will have to pay the same amount of property tax. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has now decided to levy a property tax on 80,000 houses.

Currently, PMC imposes a property tax according to the loan calculation rate. But this results in a property tax levied at the same rate as apartments purchased at high prices in luxury companies and high-level companies without any ease.

A 500 square foot apartment in a simple society costs Rs 20 lakhs while in large housing projects it costs Rs 40 lakhs with all amenities. Therefore, this important decision was taken by the municipal administration to avoid the disparity in the levy.

In this regard, initially on the pilot project, 100 houses were sampled. The municipal administration received a report on this subject. It appears from the inspection that the municipal administration gets more property if the tax is levied locally. So now the city government has decided to levy a tax on capital.

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Regarding this, City Commissioner Vikram Kumar informed that there are many types of housing projects in the city. It has many kinds of facilities including swimming pool, gymnasium, cinema hall, hotel, playground, entertainment center, etc. In some places there are companies without any facilities.

“While the property tax was charged according to the ready calculation. Now the tax will be levied according to the equipment and the price of the apartments. The more luxurious the facility, the higher the tax,” he said added.

Kumar said that “More types of facilities and property taxes will be levied based on price. This will bring uniformity in taxation. Therefore, approximately 80,000 properties in a district will initially be subject to capital tax. .

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