Online transaction to get up to 2% discount on Cantonment Board services site: The Tribune India


New Delhi, November 2

Cantonment Board residents who benefit from services such as community room reservation and water tank reservation through its eChhawani website will receive a discount of up to 2% on non-tax charges and fees if they pay online, the Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

“Financial incentives are provided for the reservation of the community hall, the reservation of water cisterns, the connection to water and sewers, the granting of a business license and 78 other services falling under the various collection” , indicates its press release.

Residents using these services on the eChhawani portal and making digital and cashless payments will get up to 2% discount on fees and non-tax charges, he noted.

This step was taken to promote digital and cashless transactions on eChhawani, he said.

Residents can benefit from all civic services offered by the respective cantonment council using the eChhawani portal. More than 20 lakh people live in 62 cantonment councils across the country.

It has also been proposed to grant a refund of the property tax amount to residents who take advantage of the online payment facility of the eChhawani website, the ministry said.

“These initiatives are user-friendly and provide ‘ease of service’ to residents of the cantonment. They will be spared the trouble of personally visiting the Cantonment Board to pay fees or taxes and also get a concession / discount using an online service, ”he said.

The eChhawani portal offers services such as the granting of business licenses, renewal of leases, water and sewer connections, reservation of community hall, reservation of water tanks, certificates of birth and death, OPD appointments in cantonment hospitals, online filing of taxes and fees, and timely filing of repair claims. PTI

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