Pablo the goat returned to the Fairview Lodge animal shelter after the Halloween heist


A distressed goat that was stolen by masked thieves from an animal shelter has been reunited with its owners.

THIEVES who broke into an animal shelter, causing chaos among the animals, retrieved the goat from owner Kerri Bryant who said the theft “boils my blood”.

The thieves escaped Monday night with Pablo, a goat who had been rescued from a landfill in Broken Hill and sent to the Fairview Lodge animal shelter for a new life.

Pablo was found later that evening when people took to social media about a goat in distress on the street.

The break-in was first revealed when Ms Bryant’s daughter Caitlin went to check on the animals just before 10 p.m. and saw men in balaclavas near the gate to the property.

“She called me up and said, ‘Mom, I don’t feel comfortable going in there are a lot of guys at the bus stop wearing balaclavas,'” said Bryant. .

“I told him ‘it’s Halloween, don’t worry’.”

Caitlin went to a nearby friend’s house and they both returned to the shelter.

“I pulled over and thought I could see goats on the road,” Caitlin said.

“They had no way out, the fences are too high for them to jump.”

The intruders had cut the barbed wire above the fence and climbed over it, punching a hole in the fence as they left, leaving the wire cutters behind.

If the thieves had broken into the nearby enclosure, they would have come face to face with Charlie, 300kg of cranky pig who, according to Ms Bryant, would likely have gained the upper hand.

Shelter staff arrived to find open stable doors, saddles and equipment strewn around the building, and Pablo disappeared.

“All the gates for the horses were open but they were so busy eating they didn’t come out,” Caitlin said.

Removing Pablo would have been quite a task for would-be thieves, with three people needed just to move the goat into a barn when he feels stubborn.

Staff at the shelter have appealed on social media for help finding Pablo.

“An hour later, someone posted a photo asking why a goat was running on the road,” Caitlin said.

“We were driving down the street calling his name and finally I heard him call back.

“He was in someone’s yard, eating his roses.”

Pablo has since returned to the shelter and joined the other goats, but Ms Bryant is concerned about the intention behind the theft.

“As Halloween you hear horror stories and we thought, ‘what if someone had taken him to do something terrible,’” Ms. Bryant said.

“We hear a lot of rumors and that’s one of the reasons we’re so careful to lock up the night.”

Pablo is just one of hundreds of rescued animals who need to be treated at the shelter. which has been open since 2013.

“Pablo came to us seriously neglected,” said Bryant.

“He was found in a dog crate at the Broken Hill landfill and the only thing that saved him was the shovel operator who saw the crate move.

“It’s expensive and sometimes heartbreaking work to take care of animals and it makes my blood boil.

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers visited the site on Monday evening and an investigation is underway with bolt cutters undergoing forensic analysis.

“Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333,000,” a police spokeswoman said.

Originally posted as Pablo, the goat returned to the Fairview Lodge animal shelter after the Halloween heist.

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