People living without water at the closed Fairview Lodge in Minot


Residents on the east side of Minot have been living without water service in their apartments for two weeks.

The only thing, it’s not a real apartment.

The 20 or so residents live in the now abandoned Fairview Lodge Motel directly across from the State Fairgrounds.

We are told that some have paid up to $ 500 a month to live in poor conditions.

The incident was brought to light in part thanks to concerns from members of the public about the conditions of the building, and more so the people who live there and their neighbors.

Your News Leader has spoken with the inhabitants and with the town of Minot to find out what is being done about it.

There is a “for sale” sign in front of what was once the Fairview Lodge Motel in Minot, but don’t tell Juliana Beeter. She has been living there for two months as a permanent tenant. Now she is ready to go out.

“It’s so frustrating that I leave my house to go to see friends, that’s what I do. I come back here periodically to check if my property is still there, ”Beeter said.

Beeter says she moved in for more affordable rent, but things got worse. Two weeks ago her water was cut off, forcing her to depend on loved ones for bottled water.

“I use a bucket to flush my toilet,” Beeter said, when asked how she uses the toilet without water.

The issue became the topic of discussion on Minot’s social media with this post from area resident Tina Baker urging city leaders to take action.

“They operate like an apartment. It’s a motel. They are zoned for a motel. They should be used as a motel, not as a permanent place to live, ”said Derek Hackett, of the Minot Town Public Information Service.

Hackett says Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma is well aware of the situation, and while they must allow the owner to try to resolve the issue, they should eventually take corrective action.

“We try to give them time to respond, but if we don’t hear from them soon, we need to take corrective action,” Hackett said.

“I’m not sure yet. We need to talk about it as a group,” he said, when asked what the action would entail.

Beeter says his property manager, a man named Zeb Ziesemer, packed up his things and broke up.

“He doesn’t seem to care. He seems to be sneaking out, getting his things out of here, I noticed,” Beeter said.

Beeter says she is already looking for new accommodation.

The city said the First District Health Unit was at the scene.

Minot Police said they responded to the location for a number of issues, but could not comment on details.

We also reached out to Ward County Social Services, who said they usually deal with cases on an individual basis, but should respond if police call them.

Your news manager did some research to try and find out more about the apparent property manager Juliana Beeter referred to in the story.

Zebulin Ziesemer, or “Zeb”, has two property theft cases open in Ward County.

We don’t know much else about the man.

We reached out to him via Facebook to comment on the situation at Fairview, and have not received a response.

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