Resident doctors’ strike is called off and services resume

FORDA said the health ministry regretted the alleged “brutal incident of violence” by Delhi police against several medical residents who demonstrated peacefully on December 27.

Delhi resident doctors, who have been protesting for two weeks the delay in NEET-PG advice, called off their strike on Friday and resumed their services after receiving assurances from the government that their requests would be considered, their federation said.

The agitation of the Federation of Resident Doctors Associations (FORDA) was canceled at 12 p.m., she said in a statement.

FORDA chairman Dr Manish Nigam said the unrest was being carried out by “overworked and exhausted” medics, and after securing assurances from the central government, the strike was called off this afternoon and medics moved on. returned to work in their respective hospitals.

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“We have lived under great stress during this time, but the common cause and the support of the doctors kept us going,” he said.

Patient care was affected at several major Delhi hospitals during this period as resident doctors boycotted the services in protest.

Their main request from the Center was to speed up the eligibility counseling process for the National Admission Test (postgraduate) or NEET-PG.

In its statement, FORDA claimed that Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya had agreed on some key points related to the unrest.

He agreed that the Ministry of Health will submit the committee’s report to the Supreme Court of India by January 6 and will release the NEET-PG 2021 advice schedule after the January 6 hearing, according to the statement.

The ministry regretted the alleged “brutal incident of violence” by Delhi police against several resident doctors who demonstrated peacefully on December 27, he said.

The statement said that “no punitive or disciplinary action will be taken by the authorities” against a resident doctor who took part in the unrest which had initially started from November 27, was also agreed.

On December 9, medical residents said they were suspending the agitation, called by FORDA, for a week after the Ministry of Health assured the health ministry to speed up the court hearing and subsequently speed up the counseling process.

They then resumed their momentum from December 17 after a week of hiatus.

“The plight of overworked and exhausted medical residents seems to have fallen on deaf ears of authorities who do not seem to be concerned about the shortage of health workers due to the non-admission of a new batch of doctors residents, “FORDA wrote to Mandaviya a few days before the strike resumed.

Protests by large numbers of resident medics on Monday had taken a dramatic turn, as medics and police clashed in the streets, and both sides claimed several people were injured in the melee that followed. . on the campus of Lady Hardinge Medical College, and also called for the withdrawal of police cases filed against some of their fellow fraternity colleagues after the confrontation between resident doctors and police personnel.

On Thursday, a “series of meetings of FORDA officials were held with several Delhi police officials. Delhi police stressed that they have the highest regard for doctors,” the federation said in its statement. .

They also assured that police complaints against medical residents “will be handled in accordance with legal procedures,” FORDA said.

“A virtual meeting of FORDA members with all representatives of the RDA was called late in the evening during which all deliberations were transmitted, all points of concern were discussed in detail. : 00 pm, considering various factors including patient care, ”he said.

It was also decided that a national meeting with all representatives of the RDA will be convened by FORDA on January 6, he added.

FORDA in a separate statement, also thanked members of the media fraternity for highlighting the crucial issue.

The resident directors of three establishments managed by the Center, Safdarjung Hospital, Lady Hardinge Medical College, RML Hospital and those of Maulana Azad Medical College and its annexed hospitals, as well as several other public hospitals in Delhi, took part of the commotion here.

Amid the continued protest by resident doctors in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 28 to seek ways to “personally solve” the problem, as he claimed the doctors should be in. hospitals and not on the streets, when coronavirus cases are on the rise again.

In his letter, he also urged the prime minister to ensure that the NEET-PG counseling process is expedited.

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