The owners of Fairview Lodge have been ordered to re-secure the property; the owner shares what was last year


We have an update on the Fairview Lodge in Minot, which was ordered to close a year ago.

The main reasons for the closure of the hotel were the safety and health concerns of people living in and around the abandoned motel.

Now the First District Health Unit has ordered the owner to re-secure the building.

So what triggered the order, and what’s next?

“At this point it’s a dangerous building and it needs to be cleaned up. Doors should be closed and secured so they cannot be opened, and any broken glass should be cleaned and windows closed so that they can no longer be broken, ”said Lisa Otto-Westman, Director of Health Environmental at FDHU.

The hotel has been ordered to be re-secured, but owner Tina Alexander says the solution is not to re-secure it, but to restore it.

“I have fond memories of this motel. I remember grandparents, parents who would come for the fair and Høstfest, and we would come here and visit. Many people have said to me, “I hope it burns down or they destroy it. In fact, it is part of this district of Minot. It’s part of our history down here and I don’t want it to go away. I want to see someone do something with it, ”Alexander said.

Last year, Alexander says it was she and her husband who bought and installed new locks to prevent people from breaking into the hotel.

She says it kept people out during the winter, but things have changed with the seasons.

“It just literally took a few people to knock on a door or two, and then it escalated so quickly,” Alexander said.

Now almost all the doors have been kicked open. Windows have also been smashed as more people try to enter.

The Alexander’s barricaded the windows facing their house and planted trees to prevent people from entering their garden.

She says the fact that the owner is re-securing the building again only puts a band-aid on the bigger problem.

“Until they do something or someone is held responsible for these buildings, they just ditch them,” Alexander said.

The problems with the squatters at Fairview Lodge have been going on for about a year now.

Last Friday, the First District sent a letter to the hotel owner telling them to secure the building. The owner has three days from receipt of the letter to secure it.

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