TN government urges Foxconn to modernize employee facilities

Chennai, December 25 (IANS): The government of Tamil Nadu has urged electronics maker Foxconn Technology India Ltd to provide the necessary basic facilities in the hostels where its workers are staying.

The state government said it had urged Foxconn to improve (a) the accommodation and accommodation facilities for its contract workers (b) to provide a sufficient number of bathrooms and toilets, facilities drinking water and well-ventilated rooms (c) obtain permission from district collectors for workers’ homes (d) cook and provide food where workers are staying and (e) allow time off for workers when they request and make alternative arrangements with labor supply agencies during their absence.

According to the government, Foxconn agreed to implement the suggestions.

Hundreds of Foxconn workers recently protested on the national highway to demand the status of colleagues who have recently been affected by food poisoning.

About 14,000 men and women are employed in the Foxconn unit which manufactures electronic components, iPhones for Apple and others.

Many workers are accommodated in neighboring dormitories.

According to the workers, several workers were affected by food poisoning after having lunch in one of the dormitories.

Affected workers were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment and some were admitted.

According to the workers, management gave no appropriate response when asked about the health of the workers admitted to the hospital.

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