Trotters Lodging House Mission always helps people in Glasgow


Normally, they would prepare to welcome a hundred men and women on Christmas Day, many of whom would otherwise be completely alone.

But like everyone else, those plans are canceled and instead, the Lodging House Mission, known to many who use it as “trotters”, has found other ways to make sure it does. always supports those who use its services.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the association to adapt to a new way of working.

Those she supports have been denied the company of staff and volunteers, immediate face-to-face support and access to the eastern center near Barras.

The Winter Night Shelter, hosted by Lodging House Mission and managed by Glasgow City Mission, was not opened this year as people were staying in a hotel.

But the lockdown did not mean the closure of the charity, which has supported the city’s residents for more than 100 years.

Instead, the team changed the way they operate and kept going to make sure they continue to help meaningfully over Christmas.

Stephen Mitchell, director of Lodging House Mission, said it has been a year of great change.

He said: “We operate but differently. Before Covid, we saw around 100 people a day for breakfast and lunch, emergency showers and clothing, and help with their underlying issues.

“Of course, we can’t have 100 people inside, so we had to adapt. We still have a lot of resources that we can conveniently distribute.

“We are working with the front-line services which are still functioning and providing take-out to the door.”

He said the Lodging House Mission still provides the essential link to other services.

By offering the practical daily help people need to meet their basic needs, they are able to talk to people and point them in the right direction for help with other complex, long-term issues. .

Mr. Mitchell said: “Practical support is just the start. This opens up support to people.

“What they lack right now is a place where they can be and feel human and social.”

What the Lodging House Mission has been able to provide this year is still a lifeline for so many.

And at Christmas and New Years, when the center is closed, the team will always do what they can to take care of those in need.

They produce and deliver Christmas dinners and gift bags on Christmas Day.

While they can’t hold larger gatherings, the center is still open Monday through Friday and staff are available for pre-arranged one-on-one support.

Food parcels, “kettle food” packs and toiletry kits are ready and available for collection by prior arrangement.

Emergency assistance with clothing is available by prior arrangement and the chaplaincy helpline is open on 07864 705 668.

The overnight shelter, which operated normally between December and March, is closed and has been replaced by an overnight reception center in a city center hotel. The Lodging House Mission continues to provide support and assistance by delivering food and toiletries to the hotel.

Mr. Mitchell said: “People always need to be here. The impact on people’s mental health is difficult to quantify.

And the team is always making people’s lives better.

Support worker Angela Vance said they knew someone who was about to turn 40, so staff sent a card to the hotel he was in.

She said: “He came later to say thank you and said” Only baby walkers can make me so happy. ”

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