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If you engage in the hospitality industry, trunks should be an essential component of your operation.

A properly configured tip can ensure that your employees earn fair and real tips without incurring additional costs to your business. The trunk arrangement ensures that neither the employee nor the employer pays National Insurance on the tip and is fully HMRC compliant.

Trunk services are indispensable when you are in the hospitality industry.

There are several ways to set up a trunk system to manage the distribution and payment of bonuses, and as Trunkmasters we can assist, set up and operate your trunk program in the way that best suits your needs.

What is Trunk Schema or Trunk Services?

A Trunk system is a separate organized compensation structure used to pay out tips, gratuities, and employee service charges. Trunk services operate in the leisure and hospitality industry.

Most hospitality businesses that use trunks do so to save money on taxes for both the business and the employee. When implemented correctly, it protects national insurance payments on both sides (employees and employer).

Trunk Master is the person or individual who manages and controls trunk services.

This person must be free from the company’s decision-making processes. They are often employees, like bar managers. However, they could be the owner or manager of the business.

It can also be someone outside the company, a service we offer at Troncmasters. Having an unbiased third party acting as trunk master ensures complete independence and more experience in establishing and running trunk programs.

How do Trunk services benefit your business?

  • A trunk helps front desk and hotel staff get tips for their efforts, making them feel valued. These improve worker retention, encourage excellent service levels and build reputation.
  • A trunk can help your business comply with HMRC regulations.
  • Improve employee morale and motivation by making them feel appreciated and valued.

Only voluntary tips, payments, and service charges can be shared through a trunk plan. These usually contain credit card suggestions and service charges added to the statement. It also includes financial advice shared rather than kept by the person.

Are you properly managing tips, gratuities and service charges?

The Trunk Master is selected by restaurant/hotel management, the maître d’ or a third party to manage the processing of tips, gratuities and service charges among staff only. This is accomplished through a fully independent PAYE structure, bypassing both the Employer and Employee NIC.

As the business owner, you can provide any percentage of the incentives you choose to the trunk manager, who will then distribute them equally among the staff.

The Trunk program restrictions were broad and constantly changing, and if you failed to follow HMRC legislation correctly and HMRC investigated, you could face huge fines.

Every staff member in a restaurant, including those not seen by the customer, contributes to a positive customer experience. Trunks distributing voluntary payments from customers to all workers can motivate everyone to work hard. They also encourage cooperation between the room and kitchen staff. If you still have questions about trunk services, contact Pearl Lemon Accountants.

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