WageCan Business meets full digital facilities for the hospitality industry

WageCan is the first platform to provide solutions for digital assets and wallets with prepaid cards in the world since 2015. Accepted by more than 55 million merchants worldwide, the WageCan Wiser card can be used without problems in 180 countries around the world. In addition to promising the easiest way to manage asset portfolios for all types of digital asset management, WageCan offers a wide range of digital products at WageCan Business, including digital payroll products, pensions, custody and wealth management. WageCan Objectives ensure companies to get global savings and investment experiences to build the portfolio, keep excellent workers and connect their company to the booming potential of digital assets.

This year, WageCan is excited to expand into new territories in the hospitality industry of Caribbean by their reputable digital payroll and retirement customer – the Royal St. Kitts Hotel. Located in the beautiful tourist region of Frigate Bay, The Royal St. Kitts Hotel has been in operation since 1983. Although the economic uncertainty of the pandemic has forced tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants to close, the Royal has amazed the hotel industry in Saint Kitts as it never laid off workers but kept all staff employed during the pandemic. Plus, they take care of each employee’s future retirement wealth using WageCan Business solutions.

This expanded incentive not only encompasses the growing trend of using digital assets as a payment option for employers, but also helps grow the talent pool for the benefit of employers, startups, cities, local businesses, and society. region as a whole. WageCan Business integrates an ultimate multi-functional digital getaway to offer the total solution for all types of asset management and distribution in the digital world for business by supporting efficient workforce management, providing complete automation for any type of payment and by protecting against inflation and the risk of the fiat world.

The collaboration would be an important step towards strategically expanding WageCan’s presence in the Caribbean. SalaryCan undertakes to support their customers‘ needs, at every stage. WageCan will continue to strive to make great strides in digital asset services and beyond. Welcome all industries, institutions and others to secure your Pass to the Digital World by joining salarycan.com/enterprise to find much more value for everyone.


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